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What is Southern Select?

Southern Select is a grade of treated pine timber that is over & above the industry benchmark. Most treated pine on the market is cut by very large mills who churn out all shapes & sizes from the one resource at the one location. The problem is that different shapes & sizes of timber are better suited to different types of logs & sections from those logs - So by cutting all sizes from the same stock results in alot of those sizes coming out very ordinary. We at Treated Pine Distributors have recognised that this model is flawed - Not all mills do all shapes & sizes well.

Instead, Treated Pine Distributors has used over 100 years in combined industry experience to select only the best timber that the best mills produce. If a mill doesn't cut something well? We get it from someone who does. The big mills simply don't have this luxury & have to take what they get - be it good, bad or ugly. So look for Southern Select timber, selected & sourced to represent better appearance, quality, stablity, strength & longevity.

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9 Enterprise Street Caloundra QLD 4551

8 Accollade Avenue Morisset NSW 2264

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Fax 0249735922