Timber Grade Information
F7 OPG+ F7 strength graded with a visual override to ensure selection of the best boards for your project. Accurately sized and machined with no knot holes or wane included. What is visual override? Unlike Machine Graded Pine (MGP10 etc), Visual Override F7 is personally visually inspected by trained professionals to ensure that each length of timber meets a quality standard. This means you get timber that is clearer, with fewer knots which results in less wastage. Whenever you are using timber that will be viewable we recommend that you insist on timber that meets this uncompromising standard.
MGP-Grade MGP 10 Machine Stress Graded timber as used in frame & truss manufacture. MGP is a test of stiffness, with no regard to wane, knots or visual appearance. We recommend for use in unseen structural appplications, such as walls, roof spaces etc.